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Lots of various goings on have happened since I really promoted my website here in the darkest of corners of cyber space. Basically, I've spent my time since 2017 hiding under rocks and such just tryin' to get by as invisibly as I can. Not really, but I've been running sound mostly at the Noodle in Indy, some playing, some recording, some liver abuse during lockdown. 

That being said, I've set about the task of dusting myself off and rejoining the world of the living. I've lost, and seen many other lose, too many friends recently to not be grateful for the chance to live another day. Who's with me?

So, this site is under reconstruction and will be a place to collect the various music related ventures I will be grateful to take on.

Thanks Folks!!

Handyman Blues

Dave Muskett

Recorded on my back porch in Oct. 21. Produced by Dave Barnes E. Barnes-Bass. M. Hutchinson-keys. R. Coffman-drums. D, Muskett-guitar and vocals

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